Freight Bill Factoring

Freight factoring that works

Unleash the potential of your trucking business with explosive cash flow growth.

CASHWAY FUNDING - Freight Bill Factoring

Freight factoring that works
Unleash the potential of your trucking business with explosive cash flow growth.

Freight factoring experts

Cashway factoring specialists are here to provide your trucking business with immediate, low-cost working capital and to help you save time & money.


Ideal for owner-operators and startup companies.
  • 100% credit protection against customers who go out of business
  • No additional charges, fees or penalties if your customers take longer to pay invoices


Excellent option if you have stable & predictable customers.
  • Lower your factoring fees when your customers pay invoices more quickly
  • Share responsibility for payment in exchange for a lower factoring rate

Limit your risk against unpaid invoices 

A correctly-designed factoring account can be the perfect tool to take your trucking business to the next level. Factoring your freight invoices with Cashway Funding can provide amazing cash flow growth within hours; all with no debt created and nothing to pay back.  That's why thousands of owner-operators, startups and growing fleets love the financial and operational flexibility that freight bill factoring provides. 

Founded by a experienced team of transportation finance and freight factoring professionals in 2013, Cashway provides industry-best freight factoring services at fair and competitive prices. 

We specialize in offering a wide selection of affordable freight factoring accounts that can be extremely effective at boosting your business cash flow.  Every freight factoring account Cashway offers is professionally designed by invoice factoring experts to meet the specific individual needs of your trucking business.

Cashway factoring accounts are built to ensure that you can quickly stabilize, develop & grow your business with stronger cash flow, plus we also help you protect and secure your business. Cashway can help protect your business against common risks like debtor default, delinquent invoices, cargo claims, penalty fees and the myriad of other daily challenges that often go hand-in-hand with business-to-business freight transportation.


Perfect choice if you are adding new customers or if you use an independent dispatch service.
  • Easy and straightforward. Your loads are paid-in-full immediately with all fees deducted upfront at a consistent flat rate.
  • Fees and charges are always the same and they do not change.  Very stable, predictable & easy to manage.


Save as much as 30% or more on factoring fees when your core customers pay quickly.
  • Factoring fees are calculated and charged on an invoice-by-invoice basis.
  • Your rate structure is based on the number of days a customer takes to pay each invoice.  When your customers pays faster, you pay less.

Optimize your factoring rate structure to save on factoring fees

Every Cashway factoring client enjoys unparalleled flexibility when it comes to choosing and adapting the factoring rate structure on a Cashway account.  

As your business grows and evolves, your cash flow needs are bound to change.  On top of that, the payment habits of your primary customers may change over time as well.  Your Cashway Operations Team is always available to provide in-depth analysis of current trends and we can present you with opportunities to optimize and reduce costs whenever it benefits your business to do so. 

Cashway factoring accounts that are in good standing can be customized anytime at your request to ensure that you are paying the lowest-available rate with the best possible mix of risk protection and professional support services.   


Take a look at what the freight factoring experts can do for your business.
  • Combine features and elements of different plans to suit your individual business requirements
  • Switch or upgrade your factoring account at any time to match your evolving needs.  

Custom factoring plans are also available

Cashway Account Managers are experts at creating & tailoring freight factoring solutions to match every business situation.  


Full-service features are included

Every Cashway factoring account gives you unlimited access to premium features like same-day business funding, free back-end office support and industry-leading business intelligence, so you never have to worry about getting paid on time for the loads you haul.  


Not all factoring companies are the same!

Invoice factoring with Cashway Funding is a safe, effective and proven business financing tool that your trucking business can depend on over the long run.

Dedicated professionals

All Cashway staff work exclusively in the factoring business.  That means you are assured to receive specialized and dedicated freight factoring expertise every time you do business with us.  

If we can't factor your invoices, you don't pay. 

We are a direct funder

Cashway Funding is a direct funding source for your business.  We are not a finance broker, trucking company, bank, data mining company, freight agent or marketing affiliate.   

When you factor invoices with us, the funds you receive come directly from us and not from any other company or outside location.  Your funding transactions are private, secure and protected by law.

All transactions are processed and funded in-house by the very same  people you speak and conduct business with every day.  Our offices are open to the public and Cashway factoring clients are always welcome to vist us in person.

No conflict of interest

We guarantee service quality of the very highest standard.

Cashway Funding is 100% independent.  Factoring is our specialty and funding your business is our exclusive focus.  

We are not a freight broker or carrier, dispatch service, fuel card company or insurance agency. 

We will never solicit you to purchase additional services and we will not sell your information for marketing purposes.

🇺🇸 Made in the USA

We believe in helping local small businesses succeed all across America.

All Cashway Funding factoring accounts are professionally managed in-house at our Woodstock, GA headquarters by friendly factoring specialists that you know and trust.  You can always speak with a live, knowledgable person and you can depend on us  to listen to what you have to say.  

We sincerely appreciate every Cashway factoring client and it is our pleasure to deliver the results you expect and deserve from us, every single day. 

Discover the difference

Get paid when you want

Upload, fax or email your delivery paperwork to Cashway Funding and you can get paid for the loads you haul on the same day you deliver. Same-day business funding is available for trucking companies of any size, including new startups.

Funds available the same day

Use a wide variety of funding methods to receive funding & distribute money at the click of a button. Choose any combination of bank wire transfers, ACH direct deposit, fuel cards with big fuel discounts, RTP® Network transfers, and more.

Services that work for you

Premium-level invoice audits, verification & analysis, credit & risk management, billing & collection services are included to keep your trucking back office running just the way you want it. All with 24/7 secure access to our industry-leading online factoring web portal technology.

Hard-working experts who care

Every Cashway factoring account includes unlimited access to our experienced team of freight bill factoring experts. Our detail-oriented professionals care about your success and we know how to deliver the results you expect for your trucking business.

Take the next step toward a more profitable & successful trucking business

Create your Cashway account online and start factoring invoices today. Same-day funding is only a few clicks away.

Take the next step toward a more profitable & successful trucking business

Create your Cashway account online and start factoring invoices today.