Documents Required for Funding

Cashway clients never have to worry about customers who won't pay until original bills of lading are received. Our invoice factoring programs help you get paid immediately for every load you haul without ever missing a step.

Even if customers require original proof of delivery for payment, you can still factor with Cashway and get paid the same day. 

Invoice factoring with Cashway means you can haul loads for customers who require original proof of delivery and still get paid today.  With a free Cashway account, you can simply fax, email or upload copies of your delivery paperwork as soon as you want to factor an invoice. We send funds to you the same day.

After you receive funding, mail the original documents to us (or send them using the courier of your choice).  When Cashway receives your documents in 2-3 business days we will forward the original documents to your customer immediately. Our friendly account managers will handle all of the billing and collections work for you at no additional charge.

It is the easiest and most convenient invoice factoring system available today!

Invoice Factoring when customers need original documents

Using a Cashway Funding account for invoice factoring is a faster and more affordable way to factor loads when your customers require original delivery documents with your freight invoices. 

Deliver loads and factor freight bills with Cashway Funding
Upload documents and factor freight bills with Cashway Funding
Factor freight bills with Cashway Funding and get paid in cash today
  • Fax, email or upload your delivery paperwork and get paid today
  • Send us the originals by mail, courier or any other method you choose
  • No additional fees or charges when Cashway receives originals from you within 5 business days

Factor on a customer-by-customer basis with no obligation

Cashway's invoice factoring team is here to help you get what you want from your trucking business, and to help you enjoy the benefits of running a successful and profitable company.

Cashway clients are welcome to factor invoices on a customer-by-customer basis.  If you prefer to factor some of your business accounts with us and bill the other accounts directly, you are free to do so without any additional fees, penalties or restrictions.  

Making same-day business funding available for everyone

Cashway Funding- The Factoring Company for Trucking

At Cashway Funding, we believe in small business. Our mission is to create opportunity for trucking businesses by providing straightforward funding solutions that are fast, affordable and easy-to-use. 

Cashway provides same-day funding for your freight bills. As a Cashway client, you can upload, email, or fax your delivery paperwork to us by 3pm Eastern time, Monday-Friday for immediate payment at no extra charge.

It is free to create a Cashway factoring account and you only pay for what you use. Sign up with no long-term contract, no minimum volume requirement and no credit check. You can cancel your factoring account at any time without notice.

Factoring account managers in our Atlanta factoring office are available to assist you Monday through Friday.  Call us today at (888) 752-1443, Extension 1 and discover how factoring freight bills with Cashway Funding can help you enjoy the benefits of owning a profitable and successful transportation business!

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