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Freight bill factoring with Cashway Funding can help you get paid faster, eliminate risk, streamline your business operations and manage costs effectively.

Use Cashway to make your business stronger, more flexible and ready for anything the road ahead may bring.

Factoring can help you

Trucking is a cash-intensive business; it takes money to make money.  If you want to take advantage of profitable business opportunities, your business needs steady and dependable cash flow at all times. If you don't have good cash flow, keeping your trucks on the road becomes much harder and your business could quickly fail.

Cashway improves & protects your business cash flow

Successful trucking companies factor freight bills with Cashway to get paid every day. Our freight factoring service is fast, affordable and easy-to-use.  

There is no obligation, no credit check and no monthly minimum commitment required. You can create a free account in minutes and use our factoring service as often as little as you like. Our factoring rates are excellent, and you only pay for what you use.

As a Cashway factoring client, you have the option to collect payment for your freight invoices whenever you want it. Simply email, fax, or upload your delivery paperwork to Cashway when you are ready to get paid and we can send funding to you very same day. 

Not all factoring companies are the same

Cashway Funding specializes in freight bill factoring for trucking companies and owner-operators. We can factor freight bills for almost any trucking business, regardless of size, sales volume or length of time in business.

When you factor a freight bill with Cashway, everything is included. Cashway invoices your customer and collects payment from them on your behalf, plus we provide 24/7 online account management, factoring transaction reports, fuel card reporting, broker and shipper credit checks, web upload service and more, all for free as part of your Cashway factoring account.

With Cashway you have the freedom to factor some of your customer accounts and bill other customers directly if you like.  We don't force you to do business with us like some other factoring companies do.

Expert support is always included

Cashway makes it easier for you to take on a wider range of B2B customers and to strengthen your business credit, all at the same time.  Highly-skilled business account managers will represent you professionally so you don't have to worry about having to deal with any messy administrative issues.

As a Cashway client, personal service is guaranteed.  You can always speak directly to a friendly and knowledgeable person when you want to. We are not a call center, so you will always receive premium-level support from the people you know and depend on. 

Safe & dependable

Cashway Funding was established in 2013 in Woodstock, GA (about 20 minutes north of Atlanta) as the transportation division of Eagle Business Credit LLC. Founded by a team of experienced transportation finance professionals, Cashway provides industry-best freight factoring services at fair and competitive prices. 

Our mission is to create opportunity for trucking businesses of all sizes through convenient and friendly funding services.

Thanks to our wonderful clients, talented staff and supportive partners, Cashway has steadily risen to become a trusted and leading provider of freight factoring services to trucking businesses nationwide. Alongside our successful factoring clients, our team continues to grow.

We are grateful to have gained a reputation for fresh thinking and straight dealing, with a common-sense approach to factoring freight invoices. 

If you own a trucking business or if you have ever thought of starting one, call us today.  You will quickly discover why so many independent owner-operators and trucking companies trust Cashway to keep freight factoring fast, easy and affordable.

Making same-day business funding available for everyone

Cashway Funding- The Factoring Company for Trucking

At Cashway Funding, we believe in small business. Our mission is to create opportunity for trucking businesses by providing straightforward funding solutions that are fast, affordable and easy-to-use. 

Cashway provides same-day funding for your freight bills. As a Cashway client, you can upload, email, or fax your delivery paperwork to us by 3pm Eastern time, Monday-Friday for immediate payment at no extra charge.

It is free to create a Cashway factoring account and you only pay for what you use. Sign up with no long-term contract, no minimum volume requirement and no credit check. You can cancel your factoring account at any time without notice.

Factoring account managers in our Atlanta factoring office are available to assist you Monday through Friday.  Call us today at (888) 752-1443, Extension 1 and discover how factoring freight bills with Cashway Funding can help you enjoy the benefits of owning a profitable and successful transportation business!

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