Cashway TCS Fuel Card 

Every Cashway Funding account includes big fuel discounts for your trucking business with the free Cashway TCS Fuel Card. 

Average fuel discount with the TCS Fuel Card

Reporting Period:  Q3 2022



per gal

CASHWAY TCS Fuel Discount Card is widely accepted

Source:  TransConnect Services (TCS)

The Cashway TCS Fuel Card works as hard as you do

The Cashway TCS Fuel Discount Card is a full-featured fuel card that offers universal acceptance at truck stops nationwide, with a fuel discount network that adds up to huge savings.

The TCS Fuel Card is an excellent way to save money with big point-of-sale discounts on every gallon of fuel you purchase.  

It secures the best prices at the pump for you, while making fuel card management easy through every mile.

Cashway TCS Fuel Card offers big fuel discounts for your trucking business

Features & highlights

Enjoy a first-class fuel card experience that includes responsive customer service, with free tools to help you save not just on fuel but on IFTA taxes, tires and services as well.

  • Zero transaction fees for in-network fuel purchases
  • Cost-plus pricing at over 1000 in-network truck stops
  • No holdbacks or waiting for rebates! Discounts provided at point-of-sale
  • Universal acceptance. Use nationwide & across North America
  • No setup charges or monthly fees to Cashway clients
  • Fuel discounts are based on the lowest-posted cash price
  • Free TCS mobile app & access to daily pricing with the TCS Fuel Finder
  • Set your own limits on transactions, purchases and more

Every Cashway Funding client is approved for the free TCS Fuel Discount Card.  Call us at 1-888-752-1443 to get started with a free fuel card today.  Trucking companies of all types and sizes are eligible to apply and startup trucking businesses are always welcome.

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