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Cashway Funding provides a fast, simple and affordable solution that bridges the gap between billing and collections for your trucking business. Our factoring service is straightforward and easy-to-use. 

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Deliver As Usual

Find loads any way you like, then pick up and deliver as usual.

Independent dispatch services are welcome.  If you want to pre-qualify the brokers and shippers you do business with, search our real-time credit database of thousands of popular brokers and shippers for free. 

Deliver loads and factor freight bills with Cashway Funding

The right choice for trucking

Hundreds of successful trucking companies and owner-operators use Cashway every day to get paid for the loads they haul. Simplicity, convenience and friendly professional service are among the many benefits of factoring freight bills with us.

Quick & easy account setup with no term contract

Account setup takes just a few minutes and we can begin funding your business the very same day. There is no term contract and you are free to cancel your factoring account with no advance notice required.

Pay only for what you use

With Cashway you are free to factor as much or as little as you want and you are guaranteed to receive our very best and fastest one-on-one service 100% of the time, no matter the size of your trucking business. The money we send you when you factor freight bills is not a loan and there is nothing to pay back.

The best features are all included

We believe that transparency helps you make better business decisions. That's why we include more features with your factoring account at no additional charge.

No Fees for Faster Pay

Immediate funding is standard for all clients, no extra charge.

No Processing Charges

No per-invoice charges or fees. Send as many bills as you want.

Free Load Boards

Use over 100 Free Load Boards to find more freight.

Switch Plans for Free

As your business changes, upgrade your account to match.

All-Day Funding

No more waiting.  Cash out your invoices whenever you want.

Free Back Office

Our expert team handles the billing & collections for you.

Free Custom Reports

Complete account information is  at your fingertips.

Online Intelligence

Free web tools make it easy to find loads & check credit.

More Ways to Get Paid

Make sure your money arrives when & where you need it.

Low Factoring Fees

Factoring with Cashway is affordable for everyone.

Original BOL Not Required

If your customer does not require original BOL.

Better Access to Credit

No personal credit checks or arbitrary limits imposed.

Freight factoring for trucking is our specialty

With a Cashway Funding factoring account you never have to worry about how long your customers take to pay.

In addition to same-day funding for your freight bills, Cashway also provides professional back office support, credit protection and more.

Not all factoring companies are the same!

Trucking business owners love factoring invoices with Cashway Funding. We believe in personal service, a positive attitude and in taking an open-minded approach to transportation finance. If you are looking for a team that knows how to help eliminate the headaches that can get in the way of your success, Cashway is for you!

Making same-day business funding available for everyone

Cashway Funding- The Factoring Company for Trucking

At Cashway Funding, we believe in small business. Our mission is to create opportunity for trucking businesses by providing straightforward funding solutions that are fast, affordable and easy-to-use. 

Cashway provides same-day funding for your freight bills. As a Cashway client, you can upload, email, or fax your delivery paperwork to us by 3pm Eastern time, Monday-Friday for immediate payment at no extra charge.

It is free to create a Cashway factoring account and you only pay for what you use. Sign up with no long-term contract, no minimum volume requirement and no credit check. You can cancel your factoring account at any time without notice.

Factoring account managers in our Atlanta factoring office are available to assist you Monday through Friday.  Call us today at (888) 752-1443, Extension 1 and discover how factoring freight bills with Cashway Funding can help you enjoy the benefits of owning a profitable and successful transportation business!

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