Video: Cashway Funding reaches out to retailers

ATLANTA, GA   Factoring Company Cashway Funding released a new promotional video recently that will be featured in a large number of consumer financial stores throughout the country, including Community Financial Service Centers (CFSC).  

The video features an overview of Cashway's small business focus and freight bill factoring products. It will be played on closed-circuit feeds in retail finance locations with emphasis on locations that offer business-focused financial services.  

To view the video, see below:

“We believe in small business” remarked Cashway Funding spokesperson Michael Dobbie. “We want truckers and small business owners to know that Cashway is here to help and our team would thank our promotional partners for helping us spread the word.  It is our pleasure to present this new promotional video." 

Business owners interested in promoting Cashway Funding are encouraged to call us today at 888-752-1443 to discuss our industry-leading referral and promotional programs.

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Making same-day business funding available for everyone

Cashway Funding- The Factoring Company for Trucking

At Cashway Funding, we believe in small business. Our mission is to create opportunity for trucking businesses by providing straightforward funding solutions that are fast, affordable and easy-to-use. 

Cashway provides same-day funding for your freight bills. As a Cashway client, you can upload, email, or fax your delivery paperwork to us by 3pm Eastern time, Monday-Friday for immediate payment at no extra charge.

It is free to create a Cashway factoring account and you only pay for what you use. Sign up with no long-term contract, no minimum volume requirement and no credit check. You can cancel your factoring account at any time without notice.

Factoring account managers in our Atlanta factoring office are available to assist you Monday through Friday.  Call us today at (888) 752-1443, Extension 1 and discover how factoring freight bills with Cashway Funding can help you enjoy the benefits of owning a profitable and successful transportation business!

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