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Intelligent cash flow solutions for small & growing businesses

A Cashway freight factoring account delivers same-day business funding for your trucking company, when & where you need it.  Our non-restrictive invoice factoring plans give you the option to get paid for every load you haul on the same day you deliver it.

 Create a factoring account online in minutes and start getting your business funded today with no credit check, no debt to pay back and no long-term contracts. 

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same-day pay

Upload, email or fax your delivery paperwork to Cashway.

Get paid the same day.

Friendly service

Let our professional account managers clear away the obstacles that can slow your business down.

Great rates

Create a factoring account for free.

No obligation, no credit check and no minimum volume requirement.

Collecting payment for invoices is now faster & easier than ever

Take a look at the amazing flexibility and convenience freight factoring can offer your trucking business.  Today, same-day funding for your small business is available at the click of a button - all without the hassles, red tape and expensive fees associated with banks or online lenders. 


See for yourself how easy it is to get your business funded with Cashway.


See for yourself how easy it is to get your business funded with Cashway.

Learn more about how Cashway is making freight factoring faster, easier & more affordable than ever before:

 Common Questions

Why should I factor invoices?

Factoring invoices is a simple, low-risk way to ensure that your business has stable and predictable cash flow at all times.

Instead of having to wait for customers to pay, factoring puts money in your pocket immediately with no strings attached and nothing to pay back. 

Cashway accounts include billing & collections support, discount fuel cards, free credit checks, online reporting and more.  With Cashway you get access to all the premium features you want from a factoring company at an affordable & competitive price.  

How much does it cost?

Factoring with Cashway is both convenient and affordable.  We offer factoring plans and programs for every size and type of trucking company.

Rates as low as 1.95% are available every day with no obligation, no credit check and no monthly minimum requirement. 

Can my business qualify?

YES!  Trucking businesses of all types and sizes are eligible to create Cashway accounts for free.

Cashway is designed exclusively for transportation businesses. That means we can be much more flexible and accommodating than other factoring companies or lenders.

  • No obligation.  You may factor as often or as little as you wish on a customer-by-customer basis.  We do not force you to use our service.
  • No monthly minimum.  Factor as often or as little as you like with no miminum volume or invoice size restrictions.
  • Startup trucking businesses are welcome.  We love helping new trucking companies grow and succeed!
  • Factor on a customer-by-customer basis.  You can bill some customers directly & send invoices for your slow-paying customers to us.
  • No credit check.  All personal and business credit scores are accepted.  We do not check your credit score.
  • Simple startup documents.  No tax returns, customer lists, or accounting reports are required.  Accounts can be ready for funding in minutes!

When will we receive funding?

Today!  Same-day funding is always available for no additional charge.

We accept freight bills by email, fax, web upload or by in-person drop off to our offices.

Freight bills received by 3pm Atlanta, GA time will be processed and funded the same day by ACH direct deposit, Wire Transfer, Comdata Fuel Card, Comchek or Cashway Juice Prepaid Mastercard®.

How do I create a factoring account?

You can create a free Cashway factoring account in minutes and we can begin funding on the same day your account is activated.

To create a factoring account, simply complete a Cashway Startup Kit and return it to us.  

Click here to get a free Startup Kit by email with no obligation >>

Do you check my customer's credit?

When a freight broker, shipper or other customer has a demonstrable track record of making freight bill payments within normal business terms, we can approve their credit for factoring. 

Cashway clients can search for credit status information for thousands of popular freight brokers, direct shippers, 3PL providers and more.  Our secure credit check database is available to clients free of charge, 24 hours a day.

We will report the broker or shipper credit status to you as "Approved" or "Denied" for factoring.  If a customer's status is listed as "Denied", Cashway will not factor the invoices for any loads that you haul for that customer until their factoring status changes to "Approved". 

You can also check broker credit by phone, text, or email.  We encourage factoring clients to check the credit status of brokers and shippers before booking loads with them.  Credit status can change at any time for any reason.

Cashway will continuously track and monitor your customers' payment performance so you never have to worry.  If there is a significant change in a customer's factoring credit status, we will automatically make immediate adjustments to protect your interests whenever possible.

How can I find higher-paying loads?

Freight load boards can be a helpful source for finding new customers and better-paying freight for your trucking business.  Cashway makes it easy to keep your trucks loaded with the best-paying TL and LTL freight, everywhere.

Free load boards >>

Cashway web portal >>

Cashway Funding clients can login and perform free radius searches for new customers. Tens of thousands of good-paying loads are generally available.

Is there a cut-off time for same-day pay?

3pm Atlanta, GA time

Cashway clients are free to send in documents for funding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All documents received by 3pm eastern time, Monday-Friday are immediately processed for same-day funding.  

We provide world class enterprise-grade technology with 99.99% uptime to ensure your documents are always safe and secure.

* Please note that Cashway may be forced to delay or adjust funding if your customer is unable/unwilling to co-operate with the billing process.  

How can I keep track of transactions?

When you create your free factoring account you will receive a unique username and password for the Cashway Web Portal.

Anytime you login to the Cashway web portal you will be able to generate detailed reports that show transaction information for every invoice you factor with Cashway.  Custom reports are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Upon request,  we can also email you a convenient factoring schedule report every time you factor an invoice.  There is no charge to Cashway clients for this service.

Do I need to send an invoice?

No.  We do it for you!

To factor a load with Cashway and collect payment, you do not need to send us an invoice. Cashway account managers will create invoices for you and send them to your customers on your behalf. 

If you still prefer to create your own invoices for your records it is OK to send them to us.  

Typical documents we require for funding include a signed rate confirmation and proof of delivery for the load, plus any receipts for accessisorials like lumpers, permits, weigh scales etc.

Of course, many loads require different types of documents.  Our factoring operations team is highly-trained and experienced at dealing with multiple freight types and billing scenarios.  If your customers have unique document requirements we are happy to work out a custom billing solution for you at no additional charge.

Freight factoring is faster & easier with Cashway Funding - Cashway truck

Everything you want in a factoring company is included

Premium-quality service with industry-best features.  
That's our standard.

Free Load Boards

Trucking load boards are an excellent source to find more customers and freight.

Access our list of free load boards to eliminate deadhead miles & boost profits.


Get your money when & where you need it, securely, quickly & easily.

Choose from ACH Deposit, Wire Transfer, Comdata Fuel Cards, Cashway Juice Prepaid Mastercard® & more.


A first-class service experience and huge fuel discounts is just the beginning.

The Cashway TCS Fuel Card makes fuel card management easy through every mile.


Be prepared for the unexpected.

Join the Cashway Fuel Advance Program and collect 50% of funding when you pick an approved load.

bank-grade security

Your transaction & account data is kept confidential and secure.

We do not share or use your information for any purpose other than freight bill factoring.

leading edge technology

Unlimited 24/7 access to the Cashway web portal is included with every factoring account.

Upload invoices for funding, check broker credit, review custom reports & more.

We ♥️ Our Clients

Since 2013, our mission has remained "To create opportunity for trucking businesses through convenient and friendly funding services".  We listen to our clients and we work hard every day to deliver the top-quality results you expect & deserve.

We received outstanding customer service...


I think this company is a blessing to any business owner who is looking to grow and do it with simplicity...


I love the job you do, extremely helpful & friendly. Polite too...


Your services are faster and great compared to what my friends use...


I have never spoken with anyone that was short or uninterested in helping...


Awesome service.  Perfect for what I needed...


Customer service is excellent and very helpful...


Not All Factoring Companies are the Same

Factoring with Cashway Funding is a safe, effective and proven business financing tool that your trucking company can depend on over the long run.

Dedicated professionals

All of our staff work exclusively in the factoring business.  That means you are assured to receive specialized and dedicated factoring expertise every time you do business with us.  

If we can't factor your invoices, you don't pay.  

We are a direct funder

Cashway Funding is a direct funding source for your business.  We are not a finance broker, trucking company, bank, data mining company, agent or marketing affiliate.   

When you factor invoices with us, the funds you receive come directly from us and not from any other company or outside location.  Your funding transactions are private, secure and protected by law.

All transactions are processed and funded in-house by the very same  people you speak and conduct business with every day.  Our offices are open to the public and Cashway clients are always welcome to vist us in person.

No conflict of interest

We guarantee service quality of the very highest standard.

Cashway Funding is 100% independent.  Factoring is our specialty and funding your business is our exclusive focus.  

We are not a freight broker or carrier, dispatch service, fuel card company or insurance agency. 

We will never solicit you to purchase additional services and we will not sell your information for marketing purposes.

🇺🇸 Made in the USA

We believe in helping local small businesses succeed all across America.

All Cashway Funding factoring accounts are professionally managed in-house at our Woodstock, GA headquarters by friendly factoring specialists that you know and trust.  You can always speak with a live, knowledgable person and you can depend on us  to listen to what you have to say.  

We sincerely appreciate every Cashway factoring client and it is our pleasure to deliver the results you expect and deserve from us, every single day. 

Discover the advantage


Get paid when you want

Upload, fax or email your delivery paperwork to Cashway Funding and you can get paid for the loads you haul on the same day you deliver.  Same-day business funding is available for trucking companies of any size, including new startups.


Funds available the same-day

Use a wide variety of funding methods to receive funding & distribute money at the click of a button.  Choose any combination of bank wire transfers, ACH direct deposit, fuel cards with big fuel discounts, RTP® Network transfers, prepaid Mastercard® and more.


Services that work for you

Premium-level invoice audits, verification & analysis, credit & risk management, billing & collection services are all included to keep your trucking back office running just the way you want it.  All with complete 24/7 client access to our industry-leading online factoring web portal technology, free of charge.


Hard-working experts who care

All Cashway factoring accounts include unlimited access to transportation freight bill factoring experts.  Our team of experienced, detail-oriented professionals cares about your success and we know how to deliver the results you expect and deserve for your trucking or logistics business. 

Take the next step toward a more successful & profitable trucking business

Create a Cashway Funding factoring account online. It's quick & secure. Same-day business funding is just a few minutes away.