Free USPS Priority Mail Labels


Prepaid USPS Priority Mail

Cashway clients never have to worry about customers who won't pay until original bills of lading are received. With our USPS Priority Mail shipping labels, you can get paid immediately for every load you haul ever missing a step.

Don't let original document requirements get in the way of your money

When your customers require originals for payment, it does not mean you have to wait.  Just fax, email or upload your documents to Cashway and your can collect your funds immediately.  

After you collect payment, place your delivery documents in a flat-rate USPS Priority Mail envelope, place one of our convenient prepaid shipping labels and put it in the mail.  Cashway takes care of the rest for you.

Envelopes shipped using Cashway's USPS Priority Mail shipping labels cost you nothing upfront.  The labels are free and you can use them as often or as little as you like.  Whenever an envelope you send is received by Cashway, the flat-rate USPS shipping charge will be deducted from your next funding and you will receive a receipt for your tax records.

USPS Priority Mail Shipping Labels

  • ​No activation charge or monthly fees
  • 1-3 business day delivery to Cashway with no upfront cost to you
  • Send from virtually any USA-based mailbox, including your home
  • Perfect for drivers, easy-to-use
United States Postal Service Logo.  Use USPS Priority Mail Business Reply Mail Labels with your free Cashway Account
Cashway USPS Priority Mail Business Reply Mail Label Sample.  Factoring with Cashway makes your trucking business run better.

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At Cashway, we believe in small business. Our mission is to create opportunity for trucking businesses by offering common-sense factoring solutions that make your life easier.

To learn more about our free USPS Priority Mail Prepaid Shipping Labels, call us today at 1-888-752-1443.

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