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We put money in your pocket today

Factoring with Cashway is the fastest and easiest way to get paid for the loads your trucking company hauls for freight brokers and shippers.  We provide same-day business funding, free back-office support and 100% credit protection, so you never have to worry about how long your customers take to pay. 

Factoring with Cashway helps you work smarter, not harder. 

Our same day quick-pay & back office support helps eliminate risk and streamlines your operations, without cutting corners or reducing service levels. 

Freight bill factoring for trucking businesses is our specialty.  See for yourself how factoring with Cashway can eliminate the headaches that get in the way of your success. You will love our personal service, our positive attitude and our fresh new approach to transportation finance.

Top 14 reasons to factor with Cashway

Take a look at some of the top reasons why Cashway Funding has quickly become the top factoring company for American owner-operators, fleets and small trucking businesses. 


All Trucking Companies are Welcome

Whether your trucking company has been operating for years of if you are just getting started, you've come to the right place.  If you have 1 truck or 50 and run interstate or intrastate, Cashway can be your factoring company.  

Cashway factors freight bills for all types of licensed independent carriers who operate under their own USDOT authority: Dry van, refrigerated trailer, flatbed trucking, bulk carriers, intermodal and container haulers, heavy haul, specialty freight carriers, last mile delivery, straight trucks, box truck, auto-haulers, power-only, mixed fleets, owner-operators, LTL carriers, hot shot trucking, startups, hazmat, tanker trucks, owner-operators and all other types of trucking businesses are all welcome to join and factor with us. You name it, we can factor it for you.

Our common-sense account creation process makes it quick and easy to try our factoring service. You can create an account and get started for free within minutes and there is no contract, no credit check and no obligation.


Get paid in cash the same day you deliver

You can factor with Cashway as often or as little as you like and you will only pay for what you use.  Simply send us your delivery paperwork and get paid the same day by ACH direct deposit, wire transfer to your business checking bank account, Comdata fuel card, Comchek Express Code, traditional bank check, or Cashway Juice Prepaid Mastercard.


Using Cashway to factor invoices can help you achieve positive cash flow immediately without entering into a long term factoring contract. The money you receive for the freight bills you factor is yours; it's not debt, a loan or an advance, and we do not force you to factor a minimum monthly volume with us.  


Factor on a customer-by-customer basis

Your Cashway account works on a customer-by-customer basis, so can freely choose which customer accounts to factor. Simply decide which customer accounts that you want to factor, and invoice the others on your own.  

If you wish to stop factoring a certain customer's invoices and begin billing that customer directly, no problem. If there is no balance owed by the customer we will remove the account from your account with no fees.  You can monitor credit information and the invoice payment status for your factoring customers online 24 hours a day for free.



No minimum volume is required

When Cashway is your factoring company you can factor 1 invoice or 1,000 invoices per month. We have no minimum or maximum monthly volume requirements and we will not force you to do business with us.

Other factoring companies demand that you make a legal contractual commitment for the amount you factor each month. If your business does not meet the monthly volume commitment, there can be large penalties and fees. 

Cashway does not do business that way!  We are here to help and you can factor with Cashway as much or as little as you prefer.


Premium support is always free

You never have to pay for expert support or premium administrative services with Cashway. Expedited-pay, credit management, invoicing, collections, fuel cards, invoice verification, claims prevention, check posting, risk analysis are always included.  And that's just the beginning!

Cashway's business finance and transportation funding experts are knowledgeable, experienced and 100% dedicated to your success. Our team of freight bill factoring experts know how to deliver the results you expect for your trucking business.  

You will never have to talk to a call center when you factor with Cashway. It's always easy to reach a live person in our Atlanta factoring office by phone, email or text during business hours.

We love working with owner-operators and small business owners and we want you to enjoy having us as your factoring company! 


No contract & you can cancel anytime

You can depend on Cashway Funding to be completely open and transparent in all of our dealings. We will not force you to do business with us.

Many factoring companies can force you into legally binding contracts that range up to 1 year or more in length. 

If you ever try to stop using that factoring company before the contract expires or if you do not formally terminate the contract, your company could end up being forced to pay up to thousands of dollars in fees just to get out of the factoring contract.

It's not like that when you factor with Cashway.  You can cancel your Cashway Agreement with us at any time and we do not require advance notice to cancel like many other factoring companies do.  


No customer lists needed

Other factoring companies base the factoring rates and credit limits they offer you on the quality, size and concentration of your invoices or customer accounts.

As a result, they will initially demand a list of your top customers for a credit review. Later, they often require details on all your customers, including private transactions, payment history, sample invoices and more. 

Cashway does not require customer lists or private information about transactions to qualify your business for factoring. We make it easy to factor freight bills and we will not let you down!


Instant approval with no credit check

Some factoring companies want you to sign and notarize confusing and cumbersome contracts that can be dozens of pages long. They often require extensive background documents that may include personal financial statements, tax returns and more. 

At Cashway Funding, we do not care what your personal credit score is and we do not require credit checks to create a factoring account for you.

Instead of tons of paperwork and days of waiting to get a straight answer, Cashway makes everything simple and crystal-clear.  We activate factoring accounts within minutes and we can start sending cash to you the very same day!


No debt & nothing to pay back

Debt or business credit products are not always the best financial solutions for growing small businesses. Bank loans or operating lines of credit can be difficult to get because they are often limited by your personal credit history or by collateral requirements such as your personal or business assets. Credit cards are another option but they can be very risky and expensive, especially if you give the cards to new drivers. 

Some small businesses try merchant cash advances, ACH business loans, alternative lenders or other online advances. Fintech products can be extremely dangerous if your cash flow is slow or unpredictable. When the time comes to pay back the debt, many lenders will try to take money straight out of your bank account whether you want them to or not.

When you factor with Cashway, we put money in your pocket with no strings attached. Our freight bill factoring programs are not loans or credit products, so there is no debt created and there is nothing to pay back. 

Using Cashway as your factoring company is simply a smarter way for you to collect your own money instantly so you can run your business the way you want to with no risk, no hassles and no problems.


Find more loads & customers

Dispatchers often have to pass up on high-paying loads and lucrative opportunities because the customer's payment terms are slow. 

Cashway opens the door to bigger and better things for your business. Factoring with Cashway gives you the power to work with the slow-paying companies you couldn't use before- without the risk!

Instead of worrying about how long a customer might take to pay, you get paid in full on the same day you deliver and Cashway will handle all of the collections on your behalf.

That means bigger operating margins, better cash flow and faster growth for you!


No loss of business equity

Your equity and business ownership percentages do not need to change when you use Cashway as your factoring company. 

Freight bill factoring is a perfect way to boost cash flow and ensure that business working capital requirements are met.  Factoring with Cashway often eliminates the need to bring in new partners, business investors or ownership groups.

You stay in complete control of your trucking business 100% of the time.


Free Comdata fuel cards & Comcheks

Cashway will issue your company its own Comdata cards and Comcheks. We can issue as many Comdata fuel cards as you like, absolutely free.

Comdata Express Cash fuel cards and Comcheks are ideal ways to automate driver payments and reimbursements while still giving you the control to closely manage your business-related transactions.  Use our free Comdata cards and Comchek Express Codes to send drivers instant funds from your factoring settlements.

It’s easy to get real-time information about how, where and when all of your Comdata cards are being used. Reports for Comdata cards and Comcheks issued to your trucking company are provided at no charge. The data you need for managing fuel tax reporting, driver trip reports and fuel expense management is at your fingertips!


Online services available 24-7

Enjoy instant access to complete and detailed information on the status of your factoring account in real-time. Daily funding information, special account notices and more information is available with your Cashway account login credentials.

When you log in to your Cashway factoring account you can upload freight bills for funding, check payment status of your factoring schedules, search for credit information on freight brokers and shippers, perform free radius searches to locate new customers, access detailed custom factoring transaction reports and much more.  

All available in a 100% secure, professionally monitored commercial-grade SSL environment, so you can quickly, and confidently review your account details with ease, whenever it is convenient for you.


No conflict of interest  

Freight bill factoring is our sole line of business. Cashway is 100% independent, focused, and entirely dedicated to being your factoring company and providing you with the fastest and best factoring services available in the United States today. 

Our only objective is to be your factoring company.  Cashway is not a trucking business, freight broker, load board, dispatch service, insurance agency, bank, loan company, online lender, equipment dealer, ISO, fuel card company, accounting service, or any other business. 

Unlike most other factoring companies, we will not solicit or force you to buy additional services and we will not sell your information to vendors, or use your business volume to collect discounts from third parties.

Real people, expert factoring service

Cashway's factoring operations are 100% USA-based in our Atlanta, GA area offices. We are not a call-center or factoring broker. Every member of our team is an experienced, highly trained factoring professional that will work exclusively toward helping your business succeed.

Same-day business funding is available for new clients

At Cashway, we believe in small business. We are here to create opportunity for your trucking business by providing straightforward funding solutions and support services that make your life easier.

You can create a Cashway factoring account for free and factor freight bills any time you want to receive same-day funding for your trucking receivables.   As part of your factoring account we offer funding by ACH direct deposit, wire transfer to your business checking bank account, by Comdata fuel card or Comchek Express Code, traditional bank check, Cashway Juice Prepaid Mastercard and more.

Cashway will handle all of the freight bill invoicing and collections for you, plus we provide 24/7 online account management, factoring transaction reports, fuel card reporting, broker and shipper credit checks, web upload service and online support... all for free with your Cashway factoring account.

There is no term contract, no minumum volume requirement, no credit check and no obligation required to factor freight bills with Cashway. You can cancel your factoring account at any time without notice.

Friendly account managers based in our Atlanta factoring office are available to assist you from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (EST) Monday through Friday.  Call us today at (888) 752-1443 and ask for Extension 1 to discover how factoring freight bills with Cashway Funding can help you enjoy the benefits of owning a profitable and successful transportation business!

Cashway Funding is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ Rating
Cashway Funding, member in good standing of the International Factoring Association







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