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We guarantee 100% transparency in all of our dealings and Cashway's transportation factoring specialists are always happy to answer all of the questions you may have about factoring freight bills.

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Will Cashway factor loads for all of my customers?

How can I keep track of my invoices and accounts?

Is there a cutoff time for submitting freight bills?

How long does it take to create a factoring account?

Do I need to send an invoice? 

Should I send my original bills of lading to Cashway?

Can I send funds directly to my drivers?

Do you offer fuel advances?

What if I already have another factoring company?

More questions about factoring?

Cashway specializes in freight bill factoring for trucking companies of all sizes.  We offer a wide range of funding services that help you unlock the cash flow and potential in your business. We can develop and customize programs that will meet the changing needs of virtually any trucking company.  

Same-day business funding is available for new clients

At Cashway, we believe in small business. We are here to create opportunity for your trucking business by providing straightforward funding solutions and support services that make your life easier.

You can create a Cashway factoring account for free and factor freight bills any time you want to receive same-day funding for your trucking receivables.   As part of your factoring account we offer funding by ACH direct deposit, wire transfer to your business checking bank account, by Comdata fuel card or Comchek Express Code, traditional bank check, Cashway Juice Prepaid Mastercard and more.

Cashway will handle all of the freight bill invoicing and collections for you, plus we provide 24/7 online account management, factoring transaction reports, fuel card reporting, broker and shipper credit checks, web upload service and online support... all for free with your Cashway factoring account.

There is no term contract, no minumum volume requirement, no credit check and no obligation required to factor freight bills with Cashway. You can cancel your factoring account at any time without notice.

Friendly account managers based in our Atlanta factoring office are available to assist you from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (EST) Monday through Friday.  Call us today at (888) 752-1443 and ask for Extension 1 to discover how factoring freight bills with Cashway Funding can help you enjoy the benefits of owning a profitable and successful transportation business!

Cashway Funding is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ Rating
Cashway Funding, member in good standing of the International Factoring Association






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