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Cashway's favorite free load boards and freight matching sources can help you find loads for flatbed, dry van, refrigerated, hot shot trucks and more. 

Free load boards to help you find freight for your trucks

Try as many sources on the list as you can! If you find a free load board, freight matching, free load searching site or truck posting service you would like to share, let us know about it and we will be happy to add the source to this list for other trucking companies and drivers to use.

Why Use Free Load Boards?

Eliminating dead-head or empty miles and filling excess truck capacity can be the key to running a successful and profitable business.

  • Easiest source to find loads and new customers
  • Most trucking load boards are easy-to-use and require little-to-no experience or training to get started
  • Load board freight is perfect for factoring- deliver your loads, upload your invoices and get paid immediately
  • Smart way to add LTL freight to loads you already have
  • Great solution to help drivers find their own backhauls
Free Load Boards to help you find more loads, send invoices for payment and get paid faster

Free Load Boards

To search for freight, click on one of the free load boards below.  The load board will open in a separate window where you can follow the instructions to start finding loads.

DAT TruckersEdge (1st 30 days free)

FreightFriend (free)

Direct Freight (15 days free) (Free) (free)

Internet freight terminal (7 days free)

Trulos Transportation load board (free) (Free Demo)

Frey Farms Produce (free)

LoadMatch (free)

Central Dispatch (30 days free)

Omaha Track (free)

Wastequip/Traffic Systems Inc (free)

Pine Forest Lumber (free)

Fox Lumber (free for registered carriers)

QuadExpress / QuadGraphics (free)

Quick Transport Solutions (free)

Sammons Trucking/DSV Road (free)

UTi/DSV Road Load Board (free)

TQL (free for registered carriers)

Quality Transportation Inc (free)

CH Robinson (free for approved carriers)

Landstar Carrier Load Board (free)

Atlantic Logistics (free)

RMX Global Logistics (free) (free)

Greatwide TM (registered carriers) (free account)

Truck It Smart (14 day trial)

Fastmore Logistics (free load search)

XTL Logistics (free)

Anchor Logistics (free)

Transcorr National Logistics (free)

Stevens Transport (registered carriers)

Freight Tec Mgmt Group (free)

Top Flight Transportation (free)

Echo Global Logistics (approved carriers)

FedEx Truckload Brokerage (register)

Erwin Bros. Trucking (free)

Greenbush Logistics (free)

Hub Group / Mode / Unyson (free)

Matchmaker Logistics (free)

Platt & Associates (free)

FCC Transportation Services (free)

Try as many sources on the list as you can! If you find a free load board or truck posting service you would like to share, let us know about it and we will add the source to the list for others to use.

Find more freight brokers, shippers & 3PL customers

Cashway freight bill factoring clients can log in and access contact information for thousands more freight brokers, direct shippers and 3PL companies.  Our proprietary and third-party databases are updated in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you are interested in growing your B2B trucking business by adding new customers, Cashway is for you.

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